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Blog List Segment - August Edition by DA

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So, hello everyone! 
I thought this my very first post of me other than giveaways thingsszz ðŸ˜ I'd run a blog before but my dumb head selalu lupa my password for my email (ye makin tua makin banyak nak kena ingat pasword). And i thought i dah kurang idea on how to write. But i love writing so much than talking. By writing i boleh express semua benda yang tak terluah dengan kata kata gitu ðŸ˜‹ And me too sangat suka guna emoji!!!! So im sorry hehe.
So, if you guys can give any idea on apa fatin boleh post. Please do share some ideas. I'm really looking forward for it!! Love you guys💕💞

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Giveaway Sampul Raya Fashion Valet 2018 by

Three winners will be selected by me via lucky draw and each winner will receive one packet of Sampul Raya by Fashion Valet 2018 which consists of 10 pieces / packet. 
The giveaway will be starting from today, 18 July 2018 until 12 August 2018

SEGMEN Tambah Duit Dengan Kerja PARTIME Dari EJULZ

Currently tengah buat part-time dekat site office buat all kerja that i can do la. And pernah part-time jadi pelayan kedai makan and i teringin sangat nak buat part-time as a cashier/promoter. maybe soon?
Segmen tamat pada 31 JUL 2018
1. buku "Tambah Duit Dengan Kerja Partime" yang ditulis oleh Mohd Aliff Mohd Nor untuk seorang pemenang.
2. Indok Chanteq Kuching : 1 tudung untuk seorang pemenang..

3. ShirVen : RM30 kepada seorang pemenang..


4. Aerill Hassan : topup RM10 kepada 2 orang pemenang..

5. Firulcollections : wang tunai RM20 kepada seorang pemenang..